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Brand and Identity Guidelines

Welcome to the Mijem brand guideline center. This resource center outlines the rules for correctly using Mijem branded assets such as best practices, logos, colors, fonts, icons and more to effectively market Mijem on your digital platform.

Mijem Logo No Spacing

Best Practices


  • Only use Mijem-approved logos
  • Provide clear space around the logo so your design doesn’t feel cramped
  • Contrast your logo with the background to ensure it’s easily visible


  • Do not alter or modify the logo in any way
  • Do not use any other imagery or icons to represent Mijem, only what is found in this resource center

The Mijem logo uses two colors: Mijem blue and white. This logo should only be used on a white background for maximum quality and impact.
Only the following version of the logo should be used:

Mijem Logo No Spacing

There may be certain circumstances where you need to use the icon by itself.
Please ensure the audience can connect this with the Mijem brand.

Download everything you need to get started.

Empty space is the key to great visual design. Make sure to leave enough space surrounding the logo so that it does not appear cluttered.