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We Live on the Same Planet: Sustainability Is Important

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37% of Gen Z say climate change is their top personal concern, says a Pew Research Study [1]. The changing temperature of our planet is of the highest priority to many young adults. Limiting carbon emissions is an area where people can make a positive impact on climate change. By using Mijem, young adults are able to lower their carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable lifestyle of reusing rather than throwing out.

Sustainability is at the forefront of young adults’ minds in every part of their lives, and for good reason. Lowering carbon emissions is critical in the fight for a more sustainable future. Mijem is dedicated to helping Gen Z lower their carbon emissions in every aspect of their daily lives.

Clothing has long been among the highest contributors to our global carbon footprint. Research by McKinsey and Company shows that the fashion industry was responsible for, “2.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions in 2018, about 4 percent of the global total” [2]. Despite efforts to lower this number, manufacturing companies have fallen short. Electronics also have a high carbon footprint. Reselling, and thus, reusing products is an effective way of reducing the need of manufacturing and its high carbon footprint.

Transportation is the single largest contributor to carbon emissions in the U.S., making up 27.3% of the total, according to the University at Michigan [3]. Of that number, passenger cars account for roughly 41%. This means each commute to work or school is dramatically increasing your personal carbon footprint. One way to lower this number dramatically is to share rides with others. This could be as simple as driving to class with a roommate, or traveling across the state with a group when returning home for the holidays.

Mijem’s objective is to raise awareness about carbon footprint issues, reduce waste by providing alternative ways to reuse products, and offer ways to connect students to facilitate ride-sharing and foster sustainable living for all of our members. We are excited to share what’s programs we are working on to make an impact on sustainability. Stay tuned for announcements.