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Brian Lim, Western University, Campus Director

Brian is a second-year software engineering student who also has an interest in business. He is a fun-loving guy who has ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur one day. He joined Mijem as a Campus Director in order to gain valuable leadership experience and learn about the inner workings of a young, growing company. Mijem caught his attention because it is a product built by students, for students. He hopes to help increase awareness of the app, build its user base, and watch it grow.


Nicholas Chen, Western University, Campus Director

Nicholas is an energetic and outgoing guy that loves to have a fun night out but when the time comes he buckles down and gets to Weldon grinding. He is interested in business, more specifically looking for a career in the financial industry. He hopes to contribute to Mijem’s overall expansion and look forward to increasing and improving upon the user base of Mijem.

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Kalter Hali, Western University, Campus Director

Kalter is a third year BSc Kinesiology student at Western University. Kalter is a part of the Western Men’s Rugby team in my first couple of years here and a part of the KSA (Kinesiology Student Association) at the moment, alongside other commitments. Marketing has grown on Kalter as of lately. It’s a bit out of his comfort zone, being a science student, but that is exactly why it intrigues him. Presenting to people, creating new connections and discussing things Kalter believes in and is passionate about with others strikes him as enjoyable and inspiring. As part of the Mijem team, Kalter want to develop his interpersonal skills and create a broader social network.


Will Trebbne, Wilfrid Laurier University, Campus Director

Will has always had a passion for learning how things work, and how things are made. As he grew older, this passion shifted from machines to technology. He always thought he was going to be an engineer; in fact, he almost chose to go to Queens to study engineering. However, he is happy that he didn’t. Will's passion is for leadership and entrepreneurship and he joined Mijem hoping to gain experience. He loves talking to people, and he loves making connections and networking. Will has strong leadership skills and always love working in teams.

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Bailey Hall, Wilfrid Laurier University, Campus Community

Bailey Hall is a first year student in the Honours Business Administration undergraduate program at Wilfrid Laurier University. She joined Mijem because she is passionate about learning as believes it allows her the ability to grow and develop in both her professional and personal life. With a focus on business, she is working to reach my career goals through the experience Mijem will provide her in a field she really enjoys!


Carmen Lo, University at Buffalo, Campus Director

Carmen dreams of traveling the world, breaking the boundaries that separates countries. She envisions a world where people spread ideas or products that others would need across the invisible borders. As a third year student majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing, she aims to promote and bring these ideas her country has to offer to the people across the world in exchange for theirs. After all, we’re all dependent on one another. As Steve Jobs had mentioned, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

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Jamie Hong, Queen's University, Campus Director

Jamie is a second-year student at Queen’s University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Film & Media with a minor in English. She is also studying for a certificate in business. She eventually hopes to pursue a career in Marketing & Advertising. Jamie joined Mijem for greater entrepreneurial and leadership experience. From her time thus far, she's had the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, creative environment alongside like-minded individuals. She look forward to further collaborations with the growing startup app.


Anmol Panesar, Brock University, Campus Director

Anmol Panesar is a second year Honours Political Science student at Brock University. He joined Mijem because he saw the concerns with the buy/sell Facebook pages, and thought having a one-stop hub for transactions was a great idea. He is very excited to step into a start-up technology company, and is looking forward to learning about the day-to-day operations of a growing company.

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Mimi Wang, University of Waterloo, Campus Creative

Mimi is a first-year student in the University of Waterloo studying Global Business and Digital Arts. Graphic design has been a long time passion of hers for a number of years, and she hopes to further her skills through Mijem as the creative director. Mimi plays cello, watches films, and reworks old clothes.


Shameiz Rangwala, University of Waterloo, Campus Media Creative

Shameiz is a person you would most likely see dancing and showing off his moves. He is fun loving, energetic and very enthusiastic. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. Apart from his academics, he indulges in various extracurricular activities such as dance, sports, hackathons and most importantly he serves as the Creative of Media for Mijem. He has a passion for video marketing and coming up with innovative ideas to help increase the popularity of the app.

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Syed Rahman, Wayne State University, Campus Director

Syed is a first year Premed student at Wayne State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. He aspires to go into Emergency Medicine and eventually go abroad to serve in developing countries around the world. He works as an Emergency Medical Technician while managing his other responsibilities. He joined Mijem when he saw potential from the business of buying and selling on facebook of textbooks and other items to be moved to a more student friendly and easy to use app. As a campus director, he is determined to grow the awareness of the app on Wayne State's campus.


Irfan Imthias, Wayne State University, Campus Director

Irfan is pursuing his Computer Science degree at Wayne State University. He aspires to help make Mijem the go-to application for students when it comes to buying and selling used items. Irfan is an avid sports fan and when he is not researching about technology or doing homework, he is definitely watching sports!

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Harsh Joshi, Wilfrid Laurier University, Campus Director

Harsh is a second year BBA/BSc Computer Science Double Degree student at Wilfrid Laurier University. He believes Mijem is a very convenient and connected way of buying, selling, and trading various objects on campus. His role as a Director will play a significant role in expanding and gaining experience in marketing and leadership. He has always been passionate about technology and how it connects the community around us. He hopes to accomplish in increasing Mijem user/consumer base and spread the brand at Wilfrid Laurier University.


Shaan Jain, University of Waterloo, Campus Director

Shaan is currently studying in Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Waterloo. Mijem works. It is the easiest and quickest way to sell anything to your fellow students, or buy a gem from another fellow student; be it on campus, or the university down the street. He wants everyone in his student community to rely on Mijem to efficiently trade merchandise without experiencing the hassles larger websites entail. Mijem works for him, and he is committed to ensuring it becomes your go-to app for anything!

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Matthew Morgan, University of Waterloo, Assistant-Director



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