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We’re Hiring!

Brand Ambassador Opportunity:

Upcoming YouTube or Instagram Stars

Mijem is contacting select potential stars Mijem would like to work with.

✓ Are you currently a college student?
✓ Are you looking to take your channel to the next level?
✓ Do you like sharing amazing products to your subscribers while adding promotional experience to your portfolio?

BA-Keaton Milburn
BA-Katie Horan
BA-Lazy Boyz Commentary
BA-Gianna Barre
BA-Forever Chia
BA-MAR Talks
BA-Julius Palma
  • Join a team of hot YouTube or Instagram stars promoting the hottest college app
  • Add a brand to your portfolio
  • Gain experience as a brand ambassador on YouTube or Instagram

*Volunteer positions are subject to availability.



  • Credits to spend on Mijem for each new member who joins with your invite code or link.
  • Opportunities for cross-promotion or features on Mijem’s app and social media.
  • Occasional surprises to show our appreciation for you.
  • Content toolkits and best practice guides to help you grow your resale business and following.

We’re honored by your support and excited to invite you to join our Influencer Program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Mijem?

Mijem is a social buy & sell app for university college students who want to make money, save money, and have a positive community impact.

Do I get paid for being a part of the Mijem Influencer Program?

The Mijem Influencer Program is a volunteer program and not a paid opportunity. That being said, as a result of being a part of the Mijem Influencer Program, you gain experience working with professionals.