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Buy. Sell. Ride.

“Mijem’s mission is to help students save money with friendly technology”

It all began with a trip to New York where Mijem was born. A big shopping trip usually leads to the desire of selling older goods. With just a phone and no computer access, why not have a platform that is simple and mobile. We strive to create the best online social marketplace. Our app represents a new way to buy and sell with real people. If you are a student, we want to help you save or make money.

“Student. Make money. Be happy.”

Simple: Within minutes you can list your entire dorm for sale to other students. To list, it’s as easy as snapping a photo and adding a description and a price. Activate your side hustle. With a few clicks, browse thousands of gems.

Real: No more anonymous sellers or buyers. No more scary meetings with strangers far away from campus. Peek at a member’s: profile, reviews, and collection. Message Mijem members, chat, and make offers on gems you like. Mijem connects real people to establish trusted communities.

Social: Looking for things to do on the weekend? Have extra room in your car to rideshare? Organize a fun ride and adventures with other students. Save money, split the gas bill. Network with members on Mijem.

Simplicity, trust, and community are fundamental to us.

Having an app centered around campuses makes your experience safe and convenient.
Mijem is an app made for students. Everyone is welcome to join.
Tens of Thousands
Sell your textbooks, clothing, electronics, tickets, and more. It's easy and it takes seconds.

We’re Here to Help

Our Campus Team

Phuong Dinh


Phuong knows what it means to eat mac and cheese and stocking up on items on sale. Coming from a university engineering program and having done a student exchange in California, Phuong is passionate about solving problems, particularly finding solutions that improve efficiency and save money for people.

Kathleen Lui

Customer Experience

Kathleen, or Kat as most of her friends call her, is an effective communicator with experience engaging customers. A lover of technology and easy-to-use interfaces, she is detail-oriented and the feedback from her engagements are directed back to the product development team. Kat comes from the University of Waterloo, Mechanical Engineering.

CJ Bennett


Corey goes by CJ and is an avid developer dedicated to creating the best applications for their users. It’s hard to find him anywhere that isn’t in front of a screen working on something. He comes from Algoma University and has been building applications for the last decade, even before starting University.