"Mijem's mission is to connect and empower consumers."

It all began with a trip to New York where Mijem was born. A big shopping trip usually leads to the desire of selling older goods. With just a phone and no computer access, why not have a platform that is simple and mobile. We strive to create the best online social marketplace. Our app represents a new way to buy and sell with real people. Whether you are a student or prudent, we want to help you save or earn cash.

Simple: Within a few minutes, you can list your entire closet for sale. It's as easy as snapping a photo, adding a description and a price. Best of all, it's free to list! With a few clicks, browse thousands of gems and find deals.

Real: No more anonymous sellers or buyers. No more scary meetings with strangers to save money. Peek at a member's: profile, reviews, and collection. Mijem connects real people with real people to establish trusted communities.

Social: Mijem is a social marketplace. As you discover gems in the app, follow other members' collections you like, "Like" items, and leave comments for responses. "Wishlist" gems you absolutely love.

We are introducing the app to buy, sell, trade on campus or in your city. Simplicity, trust, and fun for our members are fundamental to us. Find everything you need in one app.

We are also working on other exciting consumer empowerment technologies!


20+ Campuses

Having an app centered around campuses makes your experience safe and convenient.

Thousands of Students

Mijem is an app made by students for students. Everyone is welcome to join.

Thousands of Listings

Sell your textbooks, electronics, sublets, and more. It's easy and it takes seconds.


Our Creation Team



Phuong Dinh, Operations

Phuong knows what it means to eat mac and cheese and stocking up on items on sale. Coming from a university engineering program and having done a student exchange in California, Phuong is passionate about solving problems, particularly finding solutions that improve efficiency and save money for people.


Kathleen Lui, Customer Experience

Kathleen, or Kat as most her friends call her, is an effective communicator with experience engaging customers. A lover of technology and easy-to-use interfaces, she is detail-oriented and the feedback from her engagements are directed back to the product development team. Kat comes from the University of Waterloo, Mechanical Engineering.

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Carlos Arango, Connection Enabler

Students need a way to connect to each other on Mijem. With his years learning engineering in school, Carlos enables these connections as he magically builds and maintains the system that hosts and responds to connection requests from thousands of members.


Emma Goodman, Graphics

Some call her Emma, some call her Emz, Emma is a Georgian College Graphic Design major. She works on various graphic design work to make sure Mijem is beautiful, recognizable, and clean.

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Paul De Carolis, Researcher

Paul is smart, we are talking about mathematical and research smart. Coming from the University of Waterloo, Engineering, he can investigate complex questions, perform analysis, and compile results. He is great at communicating with people and helps us source supplies to make Mijem the app to buy, sell, trade on campus or in your city.


Luisa Caviedes, Logic Expert

Luisa is our go to to build logic into the system. Coming from Swinburne University of Technology and currently studying Software Engineering at the Universidad Autonoma de Manizales in South America, she understands how to convert complex business rules into logic so that Mijem users will be able to use the app with ease.

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